Mobius USB Tools – Configuration and LiveView for Mobius ActionCam and #16 cameras.

Mobius USB Tools

Configuration and LiveView for Mobius ActionCam and #16 cameras.

Mobius USB Tools screenshot 0Mobius USB Tools screenshot 1Mobius USB Tools screenshot 2Mobius USB Tools screenshot 3Mobius USB Tools screenshot 4Mobius USB Tools screenshot 5Mobius USB Tools screenshot 6Mobius USB Tools screenshot 7Mobius USB Tools screenshot 8Mobius USB Tools screenshot 9Mobius USB Tools screenshot 10Mobius USB Tools screenshot 11Mobius USB Tools screenshot 12Mobius USB Tools screenshot 13Mobius USB Tools screenshot 14Mobius USB Tools screenshot 15Mobius USB Tools screenshot 16Mobius USB Tools screenshot 17Mobius USB Tools screenshot 18Mobius USB Tools screenshot 19Mobius USB Tools screenshot 20Mobius USB Tools screenshot 21Mobius USB Tools screenshot 22Mobius USB Tools screenshot 23

App (C) therau2000 2013-2016
Free version: basic feature.
Alternative versions: purchase a License to unlock one of 3 full-feature alternative versions.

Note: Several people confirmed that Mobius USB Tools does work fine on Android 7 Nougat.

Mobius USB Tools is simply THE best, most sophisticated, and most advanced Android app for the Mobius-2, Mobius, and #16 camera. Providing super smooth User interface for configuration and HD LiveView, Mobius USB Tools automatically matches camera mode without any User intervention.

WARNING: As discussed in Android Issue 189766 there is a great deal of frustration with permission “Contacts” in Android 6; see app’s built-in FAQ.

This app is available EXCLUSIVELY from Play Store to protect Users from malicious app tampering.
• App Settings:
◦ Screen Orientation: lock / unlock.
◦ Text Display: light text on dark background and dark text on light background.
◦ Text Size: User selectable font size, with presets, independent from the OS, from very small to very large.
• Configuration:
◦ Supports Mobius-2 ActionCam, all firmware versions ever released.
◦ Supports Mobius ActionCam, all firmware versions ever released.
◦ Supports #16 camera, all firmware versions ever released since v0.41.
◦ Contextual Action Bar with Action Menu (Hand) and Save (Down Arrow).
◦ Colorful parameter modification indicators.
◦ User configurable ToolTips and feedback indicators.
◦ Load/Save camera configuration using direct communication with camera firmware via USB.
◦ Load default configuration (available for each firmware version).
◦ Reload current camera configuration.
◦ Up to 99 User Managed configurations (sometimes called profiles), independent from firmware versions.
◦ In-Camera SD Card formatting.
• HD LiveView (Mobius and #16 only):
◦ Supports both the H.264 and MJPEG WebCam Codecs.
◦ Play Video Settings:
▹ Full screen/windowed video display.
▹ Feedback On/Off.
▹ Frame Rate: select frame rate from 5fps to 30fps.
▹ Frame Size: select one of 9 possible frame sizes (H.264 Webcam Codec).
▹ Low Battery Level: set battery alarm threshold.
▹ Low Storage Level: set storage low space threshold.
▹ Photo Mode: Snap One, Burst 5, and SuperBurst (number of images = fps).
▹ Photo recording: jpg format.
▹ Video recording: avi format.
▹ Playback recorded videos.
▹ Storage Location: select internal or removable storage for video recordings and photo captures.
▹ View Mode: select front or rear view display.
◦ Screen Gestures: (available any time video is displayed)
▹ Single-Tap: cycles through Display Modes;
▹ Double-Tap, Front-View.
▹ Double-Tap, Rear-View: Show/Hide GuideLines.
▹ Long-Press, Front-View: center image;
▹ Long-Press, Rear-View: enter/leave GuideLines calibration.
▹ Touch & Move: pan image in real-time, in all directions;
▹ Two-Finger Zooming: zoom-in/zoom-out image in real-time using two fingers.
◦ LiveView Settings:
▹ 3D Time Sync
▹ PIP size
▹ Run a simulation/Set LiveView Mode
— Two-Cams
— Two-Cams 3D Anaglyph
— Two-Cams 3D Parallel/Cross-Eye
— Two-Cams 3D-HDTV Side-by-Side
— Two-Cams 3D-HDTV Top-and-Bottom
— Two-Cams Car
— Three-Cams
— Four-Cams
• General:
◦ On-line Support Requests where all information necessary to quickly identify problem is entered automatically.
◦ Extensive on-screen feedback and built-in documentation: FAQ, Help, Quick Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and much more.
◦ Contextual Action Bars and floating Menus throughout the app: only selectable items are enabled/displayed based on context.
◦ Screen rotation available at all times, in all camera modes, except during video recording.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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