DieMaus – We are glad to present you the official app for the program with the mouse!


We are glad to present you the official app for the program with the mouse!

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We are pleased to present you the official app “DieMaus” the program with the mouse!

Interactive discover the mouse world
Join the mouse through their world and discover something new by looking drauftippst with your fingers. Collect bats, doing in tunnel lighting, amazed by a “sheltered” Lighthouse, let fly or bubble birds puffers on. Whether above or below water, on the beach, on the skateboard or in the mountains, with your fingers, you can determine how fast the mouse passes through the mouse world itself. If you touch them, they will also jump, do handstands, sniffing and surprise you with other options. In the different regions of the mouse world to find all content MausApp.

Fast come to the mouse content
If you want to quickly reach the individual content, you can also reach with a simple click on the navigation button top right in the main menu and go directly to the offers.

Current mouse broadcast
In mouse cinema there have elephant and duck already ensconced in popcorn to watch the latest two episodes of the mouse. In addition, there are two programs also available with sign language.

Laughter and Sachgeschichten
The mouse gets you quite a lot of films from the program with the mouse from the sky. You can use them while also filter by Sachgeschichten, Lach stories and mouse spots.

When is the next “door opener tag” the program with the mouse? When there is a new “Frag doch mal mouse Show”? In which country Ralph is soon for the program with the mouse on the go? In the app you will not miss any news mouse more.

Photo booth
By photobooth Mouse to pick up and decorate for example, Trunk, duckbill or mouse ears a picture of you. Also, you can hang on the wall in the photo mouse cinema.

In mouse tubes game wait 72 tricky challenges to you. Connect two or more pipes together and eighth attention to the colors, obstacles and set pipe parts.
In mouse wakeboard game, the mouse moves on a wakeboard and the elephant pulls them here: In the game you can show how good your reaction. By tapping on the screen, you can jump over buoys and obstacles, arrows show you how far you have come in the last race. Of course, your score and the record will be displayed.

Write your mouse
If you tap on the bottle, you can send to the mouse team an email. For questions we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

We are very pleased that the MausApp was nominated for the Grimme Online Award, 2015. She was awarded the Children’s Software Price TOMMI 2015 as the best App in third place. In addition, the MausApp has GIGAMAUS won in 2015 as the best program for future reference. From the website “BesteKinderApps.de” the MausApp was awarded the “Gold Award” and selected by the editors of the magazine Computer CHIP for “App of the Day”. Furthermore, the MausApp won the “MobileTech Award 2015”.

The videos in the MausApp be loaded via an internet connection. For use outside of a wireless network, we recommend an unlimited data plan, otherwise may incur high charges. In setting the range of MausApp playout of video can only be set for a WLAN connection.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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