Signature Maker Real – Signature Maker allows to make a signature from text and also hand sketching.

Signature Maker Real

Signature Maker allows to make a signature from text and also hand sketching.

Signature Maker Real screenshot 0Signature Maker Real screenshot 1Signature Maker Real screenshot 2Signature Maker Real screenshot 3Signature Maker Real screenshot 4Signature Maker Real screenshot 5Signature Maker Real screenshot 6Signature Maker Real screenshot 7Signature Maker Real screenshot 8Signature Maker Real screenshot 9Signature Maker Real screenshot 10Signature Maker Real screenshot 11Signature Maker Real screenshot 12Signature Maker Real screenshot 13Signature Maker Real screenshot 14Signature Maker Real screenshot 15Signature Maker Real screenshot 16Signature Maker Real screenshot 17Signature Maker Real screenshot 18Signature Maker Real screenshot 19Signature Maker Real screenshot 20Signature Maker Real screenshot 21Signature Maker Real screenshot 22Signature Maker Real screenshot 23

Signature Maker allows you to make a signature from text and additionally signature with paint. Which is implied for the purpose of entertainment and customization. Signature Maker are NOT implied for any sort of legitimate use (You may NOT utilize them to sign your value load, payday advance, loan and so forth). Signature Maker App will run on any Android Device to make a stylish signature. You need to pick a Signature font, style/design, color, size or draw your signature by handwriting. Then write text of signature you have done. When you need to show the result of write text by tapping on the ‘Create’ button. it will create distinctive style of signature. If the result looks great and if you want to save this signature image you have to long tap on the “Signature/screen” or tapping on any of 3 button next, back or save. You can also share current signature image with your friends and family via any social media like WhatApps, Facebook, viber with help of message, post and much more.

How to create a stylish signature.
* Enter your name in Text box.
* Tap on Create Button.
* Choose a Signature Style (You can also Change Signature Size, Color from menu).
* Style of Signature is change in different ways it can be change from CREATE button, Back Next buttons or it can be change by simply touching Signature, By long tap on Signature it will save current Signature in external storage with in a folder having name of “SignMaker”.
* if want make a hand write signature tap on manual button, choose color along with pen size,
and then draw your signature.
* If you want to share current Signature by tapping share button and share it with your friends via social media or Message then use title of app (on the Top of the Screen).

Signature Master is free entertainment app, not paid app, and has some ads comes so you need not to worry about that. In case of any problems with the effect Signature Master, Please don’t hesitate to contact me before giving us the down rating or negative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem, we will be very thankful for such kinds of feedback.

Share Signature Master app and share great fun among your friends.

See detail information and download apk file:


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