USBcam – WebCam – WebCam app for most UVC compliant USB cameras using the MJPEG video format.

USBcam - WebCam

WebCam app for most UVC compliant USB cameras using the MJPEG video format.

USBcam - WebCam screenshot 0USBcam - WebCam screenshot 1USBcam - WebCam screenshot 2USBcam - WebCam screenshot 3USBcam - WebCam screenshot 4USBcam - WebCam screenshot 5USBcam - WebCam screenshot 6USBcam - WebCam screenshot 7USBcam - WebCam screenshot 8USBcam - WebCam screenshot 9USBcam - WebCam screenshot 10USBcam - WebCam screenshot 11USBcam - WebCam screenshot 12USBcam - WebCam screenshot 13USBcam - WebCam screenshot 14USBcam - WebCam screenshot 15USBcam - WebCam screenshot 16USBcam - WebCam screenshot 17

App (C) therau2000 2015-2016
Free version: basic features.
Alternative version: purchase a License to unlock the full-feature Alternative version.
This app is not (yet) compatible with Android 7 Nougat.

WARNING: As discussed in Android Issue 189766 there is a great deal of frustration with permission “Contacts” in Android 6. See app’s built-in FAQ in app version or above.
App supports most UVC (USB Video Class) compliant USB cameras using the MJPEG video format; other video formats are not supported.
This app is available EXCLUSIVELY from Play Store to protect Users from malicious app tampering.

App requirements:
Phone/tablet with Host USB OTG support;
USB OTG adapter;
USB Hub with external 5V power supply (for most cameras);
UVC compliant USB Camera.

Note: USB cameras that are not UVC compliant cannot be detected.

App features:
Extensive feedback.
Selection and display all resolutions supported by USB cameras: up to 1080p.
Built-in extensive documentation: FAQ, Help, Quick Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and more.
Contextual floating menus throughout the app: only selectable items are displayed based on context.
App Settings: Text Display, Text Size, and Screen Orientation Lock/Unlock.
Camera Settings: Frame Size, Frame Rate, Video Controls (coming soon), and Camera Controls (coming soon); last settings are remembered for each Camera ID.
Photo Mode: Snap One, Burst 5, and SuperBurst.
Photo recording: jpg format.
New feature: SlideShow with manual next/previous, 1-10 seconds auto advance with pause/resume, and file delete. Combined Frame Size and Rate into a single panel. Bug fixes and renamed VideoShow to Show.
Recording Storage: selectable storage location: internal or removable SD card (when available).
Screen Gestures:
-Single-Tap: cycles through Display Modes: Best Fill, Best Fit, Fill Horizontal, Fill Vertical, and Unscaled;
-Double-Tap: cycles through all patterns: none, Frame Size and fps, grid, horizontal lines, and vertical lines.
-Long-Press: moves image back to center of display area;
-Touch & Move: pan image (in all directions) to explore hidden areas;
-Two-Finger Zooming: Pinch/zoom image (zoom-in/zoom-out) using two fingers.
Video recording: avi format.
VideoShow Settings: Camera Positioning Grid (2×2 to 10×10), Low Storage Level warning, and View: normal, rotation, mirror, upside-down, or any combination.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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