Te Amo – I Say I LOVE YOU today in several languages ​​with beautiful hearts, roses and animals

Te Amo

I Say I LOVE YOU today in several languages ​​with beautiful hearts, roses and animals

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When was the last time you told your partner love you? If you have not told for some time, now time to say so. It is very important for the couple to express, we feel love and attraction. Upon hearing your partner say I love you, it is very flattering and pleasant, you feel pampered, valued, safe and at the same time strengthen your commitment.

In addition to the words it is important to convey our love with actions. Many couples find it hard to say, this is because they were raised from small in an environment where their parents affection were shown, you can start to change that, you will see the results and benefits at the time to show your love.

Shows the most pure and sincere love every day I LOVE YOU, is our great free application and we have created for all Android devices (phones and tablets), once you have installed is not necessary to be connected to the internet and being very light you can share it quickly through your favorite social networks such as: Snapchat, Facebook, Meetme, Google+, Twitter, Vkontakte, Sina Weibo, Instagram, LinkedIn, QZone, Badoo, hi5, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc .. !! or by e-mail.

This App I LOVE YOU is the best choice if you like to show how much you love your partner and tell diary or I Love You in a simple but effective way.

We offer an exclusive gallery of 300 images with well commingled funds and a variety of styles we have selected especially for you, consists of five activities:

1) I Love You in several idiomas.- Find the best postcards with the words I Love You said in several languages:

* Spanish: I Love You
* English: I love you
* French: Je t’aime
* Italian: Ti Amo
* Portuguese: Eu te amo
* Arabic: Behibek Ana, Ana Behibak
* German: Liebe Dich Dich

2) I Love You with Corazones.- find beautiful hearts with the words I love you very tender and delicate that come straight to the heart of that special someone in your life.

3) I Love You with Flores.- find beautiful flowers with the words I love you more dynamic but no less heartfelt, make sure that you will love.

4) I Love You with Animalitos.- The phrase I love animals accompanied by tender and roses with an elegant touch

5) Only corazones.- you find an infinite number of designs in hearts, just an explosion of color for your eyes ready to share for both him and her.

With our Apps I LOVE YOU we guarantee that you will achieve start smiles, sighs and looks of astonishment when they receive much in the morning or any time of day. Remember that there are no limits to express our feelings of affection and love, with our partners with our exclusive images.

It is easy and simple to use, just browse our image gallery which has Full HD resolution and 3D and select the one you like and start sharing or if you want you can download and use as wallpaper (wallpaper) profile photo, home screen, contact photo, lock screen, etc.

We hope this App I LOVE YOU be to your liking, if so do not forget to appreciate it 5 stars and press G + 1 and leave a positive comment or suggestions for future tell us updates know what words or images you like to see added, I thank you in advance.


This application contains advertising it helps us keep the costs of programming.
Most of the images and content were taken from public domain CC0 license, however some were designed by vectors Freepik so we assign their copyright.


Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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