Scary Halloween Sound Effects – Spooky horror sounds to scare and frighten people with your haunted mobile

Scary Halloween Sound Effects

Spooky horror sounds to scare and frighten people with your haunted mobile

Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 0Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 1Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 2Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 3Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 4Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 5Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 6Scary Halloween Sound Effects screenshot 7

Scary sounds and Spooky sound effects to scare your friends, family or other people during Halloween time with the terrifying sounds of dreadful ghosts, bad witches cackle or zombies groan and vampires on your mobile for kids and adults. Scary Halloween Sound Effects is a humor app that has the most terrific sound clips for your phone to listen and frighten your friends or family with sounds of crying black cats, ghost boo, flying owl and bat as well as werewolf howl and monster growl.
These sound clips and effects are perfect for your creepy killer clown pranks and funny jokes. Also, put your Mexican Skull mask make up and use these sound effects to frighten people!
Feel this horror ambiance! Get your haunted organ and creepy laugh ready!
WARNING! DO NOT use this app to scare people in public! They can scream or experience the feeling of panic, terror and fright. REMEMBER this app is only for joke and humor!
Trick or treat with this app!
All images have been acquired by the company for exclusive use. These images have copyrights and belong to their author.

See detail information and download apk file:


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