Finger Blood Pressure Prank – Finger Blood Pressure Prank Measuring glucose pressione sanguigna checking blood

Finger Blood Pressure Prank

Finger Blood Pressure Prank Measuring glucose pressione sanguigna checking blood

Finger Blood Pressure Prank screenshot 0Finger Blood Pressure Prank screenshot 1Finger Blood Pressure Prank screenshot 2Finger Blood Pressure Prank screenshot 3

Finger Blood Pressure Prank is an app that give you to calculate your Blood Pressure by placing your finger in the place of print bloodpressure ,as your heart rate.
This Blood Pressure Test Scan Check is a prank, which allows you to check high blood pressure,???????? low blood pressure and medium blood pressure.
This blood pressure checking machine,wrestling icon calculates your blood pressure monitoring or BP reading. It is a free app.????????????? It has high quality Colorful Graphics and a simulation of scanner for taking Fingerprint. Results display SYS, DIA and PUL false readings. Measuring glucose and sugar can be done with scanning.
How to use:
1. click “start”
2. Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning hold and wait for the analysis pressione sanguigna
Result: Your Fake blood pressure prank will be shown automatically after blood pressure log calculation data statistics

Blood pressure check prank is just a fake prank app and it does not have an ability to measure your actual high blood pressure. Consider buying the certified hardware for checking blood pressure or visiting a nearby hospital for checking blood pressure. Finger print blood pressure calculator is a prank and fake application and it is not capable to measure the blood pressure free and heart rate of a human body, All the results are fake and random

Download apk file:


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