TV Shows – TV Shows is the ultimate TV series guide! Don't miss a chapter again!

TV Shows

TV Shows is the ultimate TV series guide! Don’t miss a chapter again!

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Are you on Game Of Thrones, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, etc? Do you like watching the latest TV shows? Do you want always be up to date with your favorite episodes? Then TV SHOWS is your app.

With TV SHOWS you will be able to subscribe to your favorite TV shows and it will automatically set a schedule with the episodes recently aired, the episodes for today and the future ones. It also provides a detailed description for each episode including a brief sinopsis in order to not miss a detail of the plot!

• Subscribe to your favourite TV shows among hundreds of options
• Set up daily notifications for the latests episodes
• Get a customized schedule with just the shows you want to include
• Download detailed information of each one of the episodes
• Keep yourself up to date with the new seasons and series aired on international TV
• Share with your friends the shows you follow with the new Export/Share functionality
• Backup and recover your shows suscriptions at any time
• Integration with for automatic episode download via torrent RSS feed

Disclaimer: This app is just a content aggregator of different sites across the internet including free databases and public access content. All the brands and contents are property of their respective owners.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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