Krishna Movies – It consists of Krishna Animated movies, songs and draw or color Krishna images.

Krishna Movies

It consists of Krishna Animated movies, songs and draw or color Krishna images.

Krishna Movies screenshot 0Krishna Movies screenshot 1Krishna Movies screenshot 2Krishna Movies screenshot 3Krishna Movies screenshot 4Krishna Movies screenshot 5Krishna Movies screenshot 6Krishna Movies screenshot 7Krishna Movies screenshot 8Krishna Movies screenshot 9Krishna Movies screenshot 10Krishna Movies screenshot 11Krishna Movies screenshot 12Krishna Movies screenshot 13Krishna Movies screenshot 14Krishna Movies screenshot 15Krishna Movies screenshot 16Krishna Movies screenshot 17Krishna Movies screenshot 18Krishna Movies screenshot 19

This App consists of Free Krishna Animated movies and songs.

You can also draw or color various images of Krishna.

Krishna: The Animated Movie series consists of 4 films and is created by Green Gold ,makers of Chhota Bheem, India.

The story is based on Indian Mythology, involving the early life of Krishna.

Movie 1: Krishna the Birth (75 minutes)
It involves the story of the birth of Vishnu in the form of Krishna

Movie 2: Krishna Makhan Chor (75 minutes)
This movie is about the stories of Krishna growing in Gokul under the care of his foster parents Nanda-Lal and Yashoda, his mischievous pranks and his slaying of demons.

Movie 3: Krishna in Vrindavan (72 minutes)
It involves the stories of a slightly grown-up Krishna slaying more demons and creating miracles.

Movie 4: Krishna Kansa Vadh (68 minutes)
In this movie, Yashodha finds out that Krishna is the child of Devaki of Mathura. The movie also involves Krishna’s love for Radha and the slaying of the evil demon Kansa.

Chhota Bheem is India’s most loved animated character. With a viewership of over 40 Million people, Chhota Bheem is India’s top animated TV Series. Chhota Bheem has been rated as India’s most favorite kid’s character.

Detail information and download apk file:


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