b.live – fun live video chat – Live video streaming with channels, chat, filters, draw & fonts

b.live - fun live video chat

Live video streaming with channels, chat, filters, draw & fonts

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b.live is all about live video! But we’re fun too.

Broadcast live video from your phone to the world and become a STAR in a universe full of b.livers. If you thrive for boring stuff, you’re in the wrong place. Use fun filters, drawings, cool text fonts and emojis to create an entertaining broadcast. Set up a Channel together with your friends and see yourselves skyrocket through the rankings. You’re warned, this is ridiculously addictive!

So here’s the thing: Share what you see with your friends and followers and they’ll be notified about your live stream instantly. And hey, they’re able to interact by chatting and giving stars to your broadcast – in real-time! We have also given you the possibility to stream live to your YouTube channel, or post to your Facebook page and Twitter account. Bam!

It’s not over yet: Watch and interact with cool b.livers nearby or find a new inspiration from a galaxy far far away using the map-function. Is that the cute guy from school? Or the girl from your local diner? Sure is!

Happy streaming and don’t stop b.living!

LIVE VIDEO: Basic feature. Share what you see using the camera on your phone. We made it simple.
EFFECTS & DRAWING TOOLS: Use our cool editing tools to entertain your viewers and reach the top lists. Add a filter, draw on the screen, use crazy text fonts – the choice is yours.
CHANNELS: Are you taking live streaming seriously? Set up a Channel. This will bring you closer to your audience. In a channel, your fans can subscribe to scheduled broadcasts, get a personal introduction to you, find your latest offers, visit you on other social platforms and much more. A Channel can feature several b.livers, which means that you and your friends can create a common live streaming hub for the world to enjoy.
NEARBY: Find b.livers near you. The perfect way to secretly watch your crush live! (aka. the best invention since the invisible cloak)
STARS: Stars are bright, just like your smile. Let the broadcaster know you like the broadcast. Tap the screen to share the stars.
YOUTUBE: Stream live on YouTube and auto-upload your broadcast to your channel. How cool is this?
NOTIFY: Since b.live is all about “now”, you need to be notified when your favorite influencer goes live. The fancy team at b.live will make sure you don’t miss out on anything (or someone else misses out on you). Unless you choose to.
PRIVATE: Yes, you can choose to go under the radar when broadcasting to your grandma. Before going live, pick the b.livers you want to invite to your broadcast.
SHARE: Sharing is caring. Tell everyone about your live craziness across the web. Connect your account to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for super easy sharing.
REPLAYS: Argh… did you miss out on that last stream? Don’t worry, you have 24h to view replays. But do it carefully as they will disappear once you’ve viewed it. Spooky…

To set up a Channel, please visit bliveapp.com.

Check us out on:

Twitter – @blivingnow

Let us know what you think! Give us your Feedback on superman@bliveapp.com

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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