Savanna Virtual Reality – Observe all kinds of animals while doing a virtual safari 360º

Savanna Virtual Reality

Observe all kinds of animals while doing a virtual safari 360º

Savanna Virtual Reality screenshot 0Savanna Virtual Reality screenshot 1

*** To use this this App is necessary a Giromax® virtual reality glasses or other Google Cardboard compatible viewer.

Discover the Safari virtual experience with Giromax®!

¡Savanna Virtual Reality ► VR Explorer ◄ the new product created by Giromax that allows you to explore other worlds and live amazing experiences!

Get into the virtual Jeep and observe all kinds of animals while doing a safari, explores 360 and discover all the animals, look up, look down, look around, everywhere you turn, there is something amazing to see because you are in a virtual reality.

This experience pack was designed to work optimally with Giromax® augmented reality glasses. In the pack you will find virtual reality glasses and a code to unlock the full experience.
Just download the app, insert your smartphone into the viewer and enjoy the experience of virtual reality.
Try the virtual reality quality specially created for children … You won’t believe what you can see!
Collect other Experience Packs you find for sale in vrealitykit_com for new experiences of virtual reality. Ocean, Space, Safari and Roller Coaster, there are 4 different experiences. Which is your favourite?
To unlock the experience, use the QR code found on one side of the glasses.

If you want more information about the application of virtual reality ⓖⓘⓡⓞⓜⓐⓧ, you can contact us at

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See more information and download apk file for android:


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