Furious Drag Racing Top Speed – Addictive and entertaining racing game ever made with multiple cars & missiles

Furious Drag Racing Top Speed

Addictive and entertaining racing game ever made with multiple cars & missiles

Furious Drag Racing Top Speed screenshot 0Furious Drag Racing Top Speed screenshot 1Furious Drag Racing Top Speed screenshot 2Furious Drag Racing Top Speed screenshot 3

Furious Drag Racing Top Speed..

Classic real car racing game, free to play! car racing is an addictive game which keeps u going on
Pick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge!

furious drag racing starts on a highway with heavy traffic which you have to cross without crashing into vehicles on road. you will get to chose different cars which has different speed and different missile count.after you chose a car the game will start if you crash into the other car then your life bar points will be reduced. you can play til your life bar contains points.
once life bar is empty you loose the game. we have missiles for you to clear your way. you can use this missiles and hit the car in front of you to clear the road. this is a endless game which will keep u going on and on. the will be missiles in between the road which on collecting will increase your missile count. as you go on crossing the traffic your points will increase. compete with your friends and keep your score on top.
you also have very good sound effects explosion sound, drift sound, missile sound, click sound, swipe sound.you can turn on or off sounds in the settings. keep playing and cross a thousand kilometers

furious drag racing is just a simple car racing game.
1. Tilt your device left and right to adjust the cars to pass other racers.
2. if u are jammed by the cars in front of you, you can use missile to kill the car and pass on


* lots of cars to choose from
* Real sound effects
* Various levels to challenge, different background scenes
* Drift racing sound
* Top racing experience in this game!
* Lots of different vehicles with unique qualities
* Cool graphics and smooth simulation
* super sense of speed
* realistic simulation engine
* different missiles available for different cars

Have you ever enjoyed reckless racing on a jam-packed road? It is dangerous and should never be practiced in reality but what if you can enjoy the overtaking fever at your fingertips? furious drag racing is a challenging traffic overtake game you can play on your android device that will offer you unlimited car game ecstasy at no life risk!

Race at high speed and overtake cars and earn points.control your car as you like, move left and right to avoid crashing other cars
Race your dream car. Conquer street in car racing and play an endless racing.
The game will challenge even the most skilled racing fans.
Let’s overcome challenges and complete the race!

Please leave us a comment if you face any issues or want additional features. Your feedback is always welcome
Don’t forget to rate our furious drag racing app.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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