TV Shows Manager – Official App SiteThe best way to handle the TV series that you love.

TV Shows Manager

Official App SiteThe best way to handle the TV series that you love.

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This is the app of TV Shows Manager site, here are some features:

Get notified when they are ready subtitles or stream a TV series that follow!

Organize all the TV series that followed in a monthly calendar that will give you a clear idea of ​​your telefilmici commitments. Clicking on a day then you will see all the bells episodes, and episodes every other details such as plot, reviews, etc.

Streaming & subtitles:
The app does not allow to see the episode streaming, however, it contains two lights to indicate if the site ( is available to stream or subtitle.

TV Series information:
You can use the app even simply to control when it comes out the next episode of a series you follow, or to discover new TV series to be started based on user recommendations.

E ‘can search for and follow other users / app and see what are the series which follow, those who would like to start and those who have filed.

All for free ❤
What you have read so far is totally free, and free of advertising. I realize I, Federico Magnani, a university student in the show enthusiast, just like you.
The app is free, but if you value the work that I did, in the app settings you will have the opportunity to give me a sum to taste 🙂

If you are not registered:
Run immediately to register on the site, you use a few seconds and you can immediately start adding all series that follow!

All app data, including images and texts are the exclusive property of TV Shows Manager ( and its creator.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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