Virtual Milk drinking – Drink virtual milk with the use of your phone.

Virtual Milk drinking

Drink virtual milk with the use of your phone.

Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 0Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 1Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 2Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 3Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 4Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 5Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 6Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 7Virtual Milk drinking screenshot 8

Change your phone into glass of milk simulator. “Virtual Milk drinking” is an application, which will let you pretend that you are drinking your favourite, healthy milk any time you want. Your telephone will become a virtual glass. Simulator will pour some delicious milk into it.

High-quality animation of the foam and realistic behaviour of liquid in virtual glass will make your friends believe that you are drinking a real milk from your phone.
The white drink will react to telephone tilts, just like a real liquid in the glass. You only have put the phone against your mouth and slowly tilt the glass with milk up trying to drink the content of a glass. The amount of milk will be decreasing slowly and finally it will be finished and the glass will be empty. But don’t worry! You can pour any amount of glass with milk.

Main features of application:
– smooth foam animation
– realistic behaviour of foam in a glass
– you can drink your milk when and where you want:)

See more information and download apk file:


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