Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos – The most comprehensive guide to dinosaurs described as never before.

Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos

The most comprehensive guide to dinosaurs described as never before.

Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 0Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 1Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 2Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 3Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 4Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 5Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 6Guia Dinosaurios Prehistóricos screenshot 7

*** *** Application available in Spanish

This application contains an extensive guide to dinosaurs, the most complete collection of these prehistoric creatures as never seen before.

The application offers a precise list with photographs of high quality and very entertaining updated on all known dinosaurs such as:

– Tyrannosaurus Rex, Avaceratops, triceratops, velociraptor, stegosaurus, Albertosaurus, iguanodon, gallimimus, allosaurus, diplodocus, carnotaurus, Oviraptor, megalosaurus, Titanosaurus, emausaurus, pentaceratops, Riojasaurus, Seismosaurus, eoraptor, argentinosaurus, pterodactylus, Nanosaurus, utahraptor, gastonia. ..

Preshistóricos animals also contains:

– Mamut, glyptodon, Hallucigenia, smilodon, ammonite, kronosaurus …

You find creatures of Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Mesozoic, the Hedad ice.

In short, more than 200 dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are waiting for you to discover in this application.

Sounds includes the best-known dinosaurs were like for you to know his roaring.

Dinopolis ideal for visitors to the park in Teruel application.

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