Blood Pressure Thumb Prank – Blood Pressure Measurement, prank your friends ;)

Blood Pressure Thumb Prank

Blood Pressure Measurement, prank your friends 😉

Blood Pressure Thumb Prank screenshot 0Blood Pressure Thumb Prank screenshot 1Blood Pressure Thumb Prank screenshot 2Blood Pressure Thumb Prank screenshot 3Blood Pressure Thumb Prank screenshot 4

Prank your friends and Simulate your blood pressure ( hypertension ) using fingerprint thanks to this funny application that simulate and measure your blood pressure and finger blood pressure by giving results that you define in advance thanks to the Parameters section.

This Free blood pressure monitor “blood pressure scanner”, created to delude your friends about the fact that measures really your heart rate blood pressure through the digitization of fingerprint templates for taking blood pressure using your phone (blood pressure checker).

Using the app is very simple, and can be summarized in 4 steps:

1. Launch the app Blood Pressure Scanner Prank, press “Start” and select your gender.
2. Place your finger on the fingerprint bar.
3. Wait 10 seconds.
4. After scanning, the result determined at the beginning on the “Settings” tab to deceive your friends will be displayed.

★ ★ App Features★ ★

★ Tension and blood pressure – Prank (Blood Pressure Checker, Joke blood pressure fingerprint, requires no internet connection.
★ blood pressure download is free,
★ Ability to share finger blood pressure – Prank or App whole via email, message or social networks.
★ Quick access, too friendly and easy to use. Fingerprint Blood Pressure “Blood Pressure Check “provides best qualities of high definition image, it is compatible with all Android devices.


This tension and blood pressure – Prank (Finger Prank Blood Pressure, Hypertension calculator scanner, Fingerprint Blood Pressure ) is not a real app, it was created just for entertainment and fun, it is not a voltage tester or hypertension (Blood Pressure Check, finger blood pressure).

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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