Smoke Detector Prank – The application Smoke Detector is now available in the Store

Smoke Detector Prank

The application Smoke Detector is now available in the Store

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The application of the public a prank entertainment PRANK Meg friends only where you smoked revealed
unrelenting share with friends

important note
may not engage the application with you because your phone does not support some of the characteristics of the application of the

General Culture

smoke detector is a device that is sensitive to the smoke alarms, usually refers to a fire. Detector Trade Security issued a reference to the control panel for the fire detector as part of the fire alarm, while appliances known as smoke, usually audible sounds or indication of caution from the same .The first detection devices to the smoke of one station invented in 1970 declared in the coming year, the Patented ionic detectors, operated by a battery nine volt, at 125 and sold at a rate of hundreds of thousands of people each year, several technological developments occurred between the year 1971 to the year 1976, and include the replacement of a pipeline runway cold-hddr condensed, which greatly reduced reagent space and make it possible to observe the life of the battery. The former trumpets which require special batteries, converted energy saving allowing the use of most of the reluctance of the common batteries, these indicators can work with radioactive materials a few, and the design of cans of remote sensing compartment and smoke detectors for more effective operations. moke detector battery is 10 years raised for the first time in 1995.
Smoke detector generally more in response to the fires of the eruption of long standing,” according to the studies approved by Texas A&M and the National Assembly of protection from the fires of the city of Palo Alto, California, “smoke detectors fiber optics respond to shift to a lower gear of the Ionian reagents to burning fires quickly, but laboratory tests and field showed it give warnings suitable for all types of fires, and showed that a few of the population tend to disable
despite the simplicity of the disclosure of smoke but a device that prevents many accidents of fire and noted that we are dealing with two types of different types for the detection of smoke one adopted on the light of PV Cell and the second was adopted on the change in the electrical current, it should be noted that the second kind can control the degree of sensitivity through the control the amount of change in the power point Allows you to prevent one of the smoking in your room if someone lit up a cigarette in your room, throws will activate the alarm and called loud.
In the future the smokers who are lying about their habit to their doctors seized by a simple blood test.
The device may be simple to discover the carbon monoxide gas in the blood of doctors to get the real answer of patients who smoke.

The device can also detect carbon monoxide levels in people who smoke, doctors may provide a powerful tool in educating the patients to the effects of smoking.
Stop smoking is difficult because of the withdrawal of nicotine you can feel in many cases less hygienic while attempting to, but you can see the level of carbon monoxide poisoning) leaving your body one breath.
If you are trying to Quit Smoking, or simply stimulate a lover and monitoring at the joint application will help you track and manage strictly non-smoking throughout the flight of the process so that you can select and achievable goals. You’ll use it when a group of tables if you are trying to lose weight. I said the smoke and your reading, the
Track the progress the simple chart will help you to track progress over time, to obtain the green and remain.
CO monitoring respiration incentive proved aid is to help people to quit smoking 30 years for
best results we recommend using the application the ICO Smokerlyzer carbon monoxide breathing Smokerlyzer monitor for use with your smartphone. It is purchased separately.
Quit Smoking successfully today!

See more information and download apk file:


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