Remote Control Air Conditioner – Remote control Air Conditioner is a prank app for control your Air Conditioner

Remote Control Air Conditioner

Remote control Air Conditioner is a prank app for control your Air Conditioner

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Remot Control Air Conditioner is a joke to entertain with family and friends where you can control all of our air conditioners in markets control
do you have air conditioning? you want to cool air on hot days? now you can control it using your phone! this tool can run your phone into a remote control for air conditioner! you can change air temperature and set the fan power. it’s easy to use and supports almost every air conditioner air conditioning system with your phone!! using Your phone to change the actual temperature with just one click! This application allows you to search for air conditioner and control it. Air conditioner remote control works with most available devices for air conditioning! And that support control over the waves aloivi or blothot or IR you need only install the app from the app store

amazing feature:

√ control up to 20 indoor AC units;
✓ AC operating mode change; auto, cool, fan, dry, heat
√ change fan speed: Auto, very low-very high
✓ set room temperature
√ √
alternative option switch switching air plasma cleaning function (function availability depends on the indoor unit model)
• turn on/off the air conditioner
√ Tables collection For all of your air conditioner
error codes display unit
√ √ FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) support for remote access settings

use this remote AC you can fool your friends that you can control the temperature of weather conditions and others.

This application has a sound effect when you increase or decrease in temperature for alternating current. Have some fun with friends and family using this app please

after the application loads a positive evaluation llttabikna if you don’t play with you please write the name of the AC and its type and we’ll solve the problem unforgettable
evaluation and thanks

You don’t need buy universal remote control any more.
Just download Remot Control Air Conditioner and you can remote control any electronic devices.

Remot Control Air Conditioner is FREE APP AND PRANK!!!

See more information and download apk file for android:


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