Flexify Drone – Full function Flexify control APPUser can "TURN OFF" their own radio.

Flexify Drone

Full function Flexify control APPUser can "TURN OFF" their own radio.

Flexify Drone screenshot 0Flexify Drone screenshot 1

Through intuitive design, it is easy to manipulate Flexify without much practice from the beginning.


The APP can co-work with, or replace the radio control completely through the APP settings. Go to “Settings” and check “Smartphone Solo Control Mode (ON/OFF)” to enable the full functional mode. Under this mode, pilot can start the motors by pressing “Arm/Disarm” button. There will be icons (Left and Right turns) on the screen for turning direction. Once the Flexify reach the destination, pilot can make left/right turn by press the turn icons.

1. Smartphone Solo Control Mode ON/OFF (please turn off the transmitter when activate this mode)
2. Left/Right turns (available only when Smartphone Solo Control Mode is ON)
3. Auto take off and landing (Takeoff/Land)
4. Setup initial takeoff altitude
5. Fly to the indicated destination on map
6. Setup flying altitude
7. Monitor the flight status: location, cruise speed, GPS status, voltage, altitude, etc.
8. Set “Geo Fence 500M” to prevent over-range flyaway
9. Accelerator calibration
10. Compass calibration (planned, not available yet)
11. Follow modes: Leash, Left, Right, Lead, Above and Orbit
12. No-takeoff exceptions: weak GPS signal, low voltage, system error, etc.
13. Multilingual support: English, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese


1. The most known problem occurred is in the Follow mode based on our experience. Follow mode will acquire the position information of smartphone. However, this information is usually affected by WiFi. Please make sure: a. turn off WiFi of your smartphone, b. confirm the smartphone locating status. For further detail, please download the APP manual through the official website.

2. Make sure your smartphone supports OTG.

For the latest version of APP manual, please visit flexify-drone_com.

See more information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/Jjev2e


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