HSSラジコンサーキット – Has released an official app of HSS Rajikonsakitto!


Has released an official app of HSS Rajikonsakitto!

HSSラジコンサーキット screenshot 0HSSラジコンサーキット screenshot 1HSSラジコンサーキット screenshot 2

The HSS Rajikonsakitto, we do operations and parts sales of drift dedicated RC circuit.
Training course of four wheel drive mini is also available.
In addition, information such as events and competitions, please check than news that I am allowed to delivery.
It is also a big welcome Families friends with each other and children.
RC lovers, those who want to now start a radio control, please feel free to visit us who want to practice in the four wheel drive mini!

In this app, deals service of a variety of information and apps user limited of HSS Rajikonsakitto is placed in the hands!

[Can be]
● You will receive up-to-date information (news) from the HSS Rajikonsakitto.
● Collect stamps get to introduce the visit and your friends, you able to receive the best deals benefits.
● You can check, such as parts that are over-the-counter selling within the app.
● We will deliver the deals coupon of coupons and app users limited delivery to reach the month of birthday.
● In the time line, you can record your favorite products, etc. with photos!
● From the menu, you can check the service (product) content!

● those above birthday coupon is to be delivered to the birth of Sun Moon, will not be issued at the time of application installation (in order to receive the coupon, any birthday input on the part of the user will be required).
● this app, you can view the latest information using the Internet communication.
OS and may not be available part ●, because there are times when you do not work properly in some models, please understand in advance.
● If you use this service on a tablet terminal, there is a possibility that does not work properly.

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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