Neway – The "Neway App" is an application proudly presented by Neway Karaoke Box.


The "Neway App" is an application proudly presented by Neway Karaoke Box.

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The “Neway App” is an application proudly presented by Neway Karaoke Box. Combining all the features of “Neway Remote” and “Neway K-Fun” in a single application, you can select the karaoke songs while checking out our latest promotions and latest K-Fun rewards anytime.

What’s New
●Provides our latest promotions and offers

Neway K Songs
●Check out our new songs and popular songs anywhere and anytime
●View our latest promotional MVs

Singer selections and category selections
●By connecting to karaoke room with this application, you can use your mobile device to control our karaoke song system and enjoy the following function:
●Search and select singers/songs on your mobile device
●Stop, play, resume or restart your selected karaoke songs anytime
●Select vocal or shuffle modes
●Manage your song selections swiftly
●Save your favourite songs/singers to “My Favourites” and enqueue them all with a single tap
●Easily switch regional song information provided between Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia

My Favourites
●Link your Facebook account to backup or restore your favorites singers and song to our cloud service
●Categorize your favourite songs
●Single tap to view your favourite singer’s song
●Browse history of your song selections

Outlet & Booking (Online booking is for users in Hong Kong only)
●Check out our karaoke outlet’s latest promotions and rates
●Online booking for our karaoke outlets
●Save your basic contact information for future online bookings

Neway K-Fun (For members in Hong Kong only)
●Check your K-Fun membership information and status
●Browse and redeem K-Fun rewards
●View and redeem your e-coupon
●Request stock transfer for your redeemed rewards
●Use Apple Watch as your K-Fun membership card

Other features
●Share your favourite songs or singers to your Facebook feed
●Customer a text message or greetings to display on the TV screen inside our karaoke rooms

Supported OS:
This application requires Android OS 4.0.3 or later (Some features may only supported on certain OS/device)

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See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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