Talking Imran Khan – PTI – Talking Imran is a fun app featuring interactive animations of Imran Khan

Talking Imran Khan - PTI

Talking Imran is a fun app featuring interactive animations of Imran Khan

Talking Imran Khan - PTI screenshot 0Talking Imran Khan - PTI screenshot 1Talking Imran Khan - PTI screenshot 2Talking Imran Khan - PTI screenshot 3

Talking Imran is an Android App, which is a manifestation of Inspiration from the most charismatic leader in the current Pakistan Politics, Imran Khan. It is made for those die Hard supporters of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), who follow and listen to their leader assiduously. So, those who want to keep motivated regarding the philosophy and ideology of Imran Khan, this app offers the complete package for them. Some of the essential features of this tool are:

• Real time appearance of Imran Khan as seen in his addresses is given in the form of a realistic cartoon, which responds to different options

• Talk to the App: A unique element which requires simply speaking in front of it includes repetition of the user`s words by animation of Imran Khan in different voice

• Consisting of 7 of the famous “Slogans” and Catchphrases from his speeches are on your finger tips consisting of “Go Nawaz Go, Mian Saab Jaan Deo, Tabdeeli Aa Nahin Rahi, Tabdeeli Aa Gayi hai”, etc

• The most recent and highly captivating conversations of Imran Khan with his listeners from Azadi March Square with real time movements from his animation on your screen

• 11 absorbing and uplifting PTI songs including “Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai Yaaro, Waya Waya, and Banbe Ga Naya Pakistan” etc, as performed by “DJ Butt” live on PTI sets are also available

• A dancing Imran option freshens up your mind, who performs different kinds of dancing moves with song “Aa Gaya Hai Imran Khan” playing in the mind

• A “Share Photo” option that lets you share the moment of your choice from background appearing on your phone`s interface, with favorite movements of Imran`s cartoon of your choice

So, hurry up, and relive all the memorable moments from the latest addresses of Imran khan from Azadi March, and take inspiration as well as entertain yourself and other PTI followers with fascinating Talking Imran app.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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