Watchlist – Track Movies – Discover and track movies, read reviews, watch trailers and more

Watchlist - Track Movies

Discover and track movies, read reviews, watch trailers and more

Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 0Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 1Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 2Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 3Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 4Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 5Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 6Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 7Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 8Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 9Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 10Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 11Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 12Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 13Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 14Watchlist - Track Movies screenshot 15

Watchlist is an app to track and discover movies. It lets you keep track of which movie you have watched or want to watch. With Watchlist you can view information like reviews / ratings, watch trailers and even download posters, backdrops or wallpapers. Watchlist allows you to share information about any interesting movie you discover with your friends using all supported applications like Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, etc. Keeping track of your favourite movies has never been this easy!

Watchlist Features:-
• Keep track by adding unlimited number movies to your “Watched” or “Want to Watch” lists
• Search and discover from thousands of movies in the online database
• View movie reviews and ratings and share them with others
• View the official trailers and latest trailers on YouTube
• Browse posters, backdrop images and wallpapers
• Share movies to all supported applications (Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, etc)
• You can share reviews and ratings too!
• View movie cast and crew information
• Discover and track “Top Rated”, “Most Popular” and “Upcoming” movie lists and view their trailers
• Watchlist provides a great look and feel using Google’s Material Design

All content (including cast, crew, ratings, reviews, trailers, posters, backdrops, wallpapers, etc) is provided by and

If you discover any bugs, contact me directly. Do not post them in the reviews…

Download apk file for android:


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