Fingerprint Magic Prank – The first social prank that lets you secretly record your victims and share

Fingerprint Magic Prank

The first social prank that lets you secretly record your victims and share

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Fingerprint magic prank, is a funny prank app that lets you trap your friends with joke fortune telling answers using finger scanner.
The app will secretly record their facial reaction while reading those fake fortunes using your phone’s front camera, without them knowing.
As a result, you will get a funny video that you can share later on your favorite social media.
It is the first prank app that lets you record and share victim’s interaction and immortalize those great moments of fun with friends and family.

You just need to enter few joke fortune answers that your friends will read later.
The more imaginative your fake answers are, the more surprising and funny your friend’s reactions
will be, the more Likes, Views, Retweets…etc you will get when sharing the video on social networks.

Fingerprint magic prank is INTENDED TO CREATE A SOCIAL INTERACTION around this hashtag #magicprank
So, make sure you add #magicprank hashtag to every video you share on social medias.
Fortune telling answers are displayed on the screen, right after the finger scanner finish scan victim’s finger.

This is a must-have app for every prankster who wants to fool friends.

How to Use:
– Add few fake fortune telling answers per victim
– Your victim will place her finger on the scanning panel simulator
– Hold for a few seconds until the scan is finished
– After the Scanning completes. The result will be shown on the screen and the phone’s front camera recorder will start recording
For more details, a User Guide is included in the app, or visit our facebook page.

App Features:
-Contains a quick tutorial and a detailed User Guide
-You can trap up to 4 friends simultaneously to maximize the fun
-Stunting fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation
-You can use voice-to-text input to enter fake fortune answers (if you are too lazy to use the keyboard)

-Fingerprint Magic Prank is for entertainment purposes only.
-If you want to share videos of your victims on social networks, you need to ask for their consent.
-The developer is not responsible for the misuse of this application.
-This app is not an online fortune telling application, it is a prank app that uses finger print scanner
to simulate fortune teller, and displays fortunes that you have already set before.


Detail information and download apk file:


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