Dino Age – Learning methods by combining augmented reality technology and mini-games

Dino Age

Learning methods by combining augmented reality technology and mini-games

Dino Age screenshot 0Dino Age screenshot 1Dino Age screenshot 2Dino Age screenshot 3Dino Age screenshot 4Dino Age screenshot 5Dino Age screenshot 6Dino Age screenshot 7Dino Age screenshot 8

The AR Learning Flashcard Set Dino Age is the pioneer product in the “AV Rubic” collection of BzB Education. With Dino Age, children will have the most exciting new experience turning back time, travelling through space back to the Jurassic era, and making friends with the ancient dinosaurs.

Dino Age marks a significant development in learning methods by combining augmented reality technology and mini-games, which makes Dino Age a complete difference from all other 3D books in the market.

Besides educational values, such as English word teaching and instruction, knowledge provision for children in the simplest yet most effective and lively method, Dino Age brings the following significant core values:

• Enriching children’s imagination and curiosity for the natural world around them;
• Improving children’s ability to focus and concentrate;
• Stimulating children’s critical thinking by providing basic biological knowledge about the ancient Jurassic era. Children can easily become little biologists by playing with Dino Age;
• Supporting children’s psychological development by following principles of shapes and color for early age;
• Developing children’s ability to remember and understand scientific information.

Dino Age is interesting and suitable for all ages. It can be studied and played independently or in groups, in class with guidance or at home as a self-study tool. It is convenient and safe for children to carry, learn and play anytime, anywhere with or without smart devices.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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