Police Sirens and Lights – Simulate a policesiren with lights. Don't use this fake policelights on street!

Police Sirens and Lights

Simulate a policesiren with lights. Don’t use this fake policelights on street!

Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 0Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 1Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 2Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 3Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 4Police Sirens and Lights screenshot 5

When the policesiren will sound and you see the red and blue lights, everyone makes way. Now you can fake a siren with policelights from your smartphone.

Wenn die Polizeisirene ertönt und man das Blaulicht sieht, wird platz gemacht. Nun kannst auch du dein Android-Smartphone zur Sirene mit Blinkeffekt umfunktionieren. There are 20 different light effects, for many countries around the world.

Please do not use the siren simulation on the road. In many countries, this is strictly forbidden! This app is intended for entertainment at parties. Use it only as gag! Say never you are the police, if you’re not a real policeman.

The change of individual flashing lights you lead by a single tap on the left and right edge of the display. If you want to mute the siren, click during the animation in the middle.
Your selection of police lights and the alarm sounds will be saved on exit. When you start again, these settings are restored automatically.

This app is still in its early stages of development. Gradually, new features will be added. Also new alarms and lights. In future it is also planned to provide the siren as a mp3 ringtone. It is worthwhile to keep the app up to date.

If you find an error, or want a siren for other emergency vehicle (for example a firetruck or ambulance), please tell me. About a positive review in PlayStore – if you like this free police siren app – I would be very happy.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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