Action Smileys – "#WHY TEXT WHEN YOU CAN TALK!!!"

Action Smileys


Action Smileys screenshot 0Action Smileys screenshot 1Action Smileys screenshot 2Action Smileys screenshot 3Action Smileys screenshot 4Action Smileys screenshot 5Action Smileys screenshot 6Action Smileys screenshot 7Action Smileys screenshot 8Action Smileys screenshot 9Action Smileys screenshot 10Action Smileys screenshot 11Action Smileys screenshot 12Action Smileys screenshot 13Action Smileys screenshot 14Action Smileys screenshot 15

Ever thought of Smileys acting with your Voice?
Every got bugged typing long messages using Smileys?
Ever felt if you can express faster using Smileys?


Introducing to an innovative way of using Smileys!

-Select from 170+ smileys and speak. Change Smileys as you wish. Then get a beautiful and funny video of Smileys acting with your lovely voice.

-Very simple app, works like your camera, only that the video part is the Acting Smileys!

-You can share this video over Whats app, Wechat, Hike, Line and other IM apps or through email or just save it for yourself!
-Video generated is less than 750kb/minute
-Support for tablets too!

Languages support: English, French, German, Indonesian, Malaysian, 日本語, 한국어, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Русский, 中文, العربية.

Known bugs:

– In few custom ROMS application crashes after pressing finish button; it means you don,t have a video player installed to play the generated video. To fix this just install any video player.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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