Pepsi KaraIdol – Happy singing with Pepsi KaraIdol

Pepsi KaraIdol

Happy singing with Pepsi KaraIdol

Pepsi KaraIdol screenshot 0Pepsi KaraIdol screenshot 1Pepsi KaraIdol screenshot 2Pepsi KaraIdol screenshot 3

Pepsi KaraIDol application is FREE KARAOKE IN VIETNAM No. 1 song with large warehouses more famous songs is updated continuously. Any questions / comments please contact:

Not only is the playing field so that you can unleash your creativity and singing his own way, Pepsi KaraIDdol also lets users listen to the songs of others, share their recordings sessions with friends & relatives, keeping the same musical adventure moments, accumulated “points Pepsi” for a chance to get movie tickets from Pepsi weekly for:
– Top 20 active members
– Top 20 Play More
– Top 20 Favorite

We are pleased to provide you with the famous song during SPRING SPRING calm.
“AGREEMENT SINGING PASSION CA – HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL spend” is sincere wishes from Pepsi.
Let’s collection “PEPSI Points” to get hundreds of movie tickets for TOP 20 active members, TOP 20 songs most listened spring, TOP 20 recordings are the most popular.

Detail information:


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