Blood Sugar Checker Prank – Wanna Check your Blood Sugar ? Get this App for Free !

Blood Sugar Checker Prank

Wanna Check your Blood Sugar ? Get this App for Free !

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Blood Sugar Test Fingerprint is a funny app which calculates Glucose levels or Hemoglobin in your body in the most convenient and easiest way and is designed in such a way that it looks like a real Medication App. Blood Sugar checker prank is a funny app which simulates a fingerprint scanner to equilibrio the BS, Check your Blood Glucose on daily basis using this neuropathy and do not let intake symptoms in your Body.

What this disease is all about ? :-

As we all know that Hypoglycemia is a state of abnormally Low blood sugar usually resulting from excessive insulin or a poor diet. The patients of Diabetes often have to take insulin on daily basis or once a week to maintain High blood sugar. Normalization of Diabetes mellitus is very hard during Gestation , Glucose levels in your body can vary time to time so using this prank app you people can have fun with your buddies and let them shock that you use a real Fingerprint App to control your Sugar level , take care of your Health on regular basis and remove your tension. Warmup of body and losing your weight can be helpful to get rid of from this syndrome . Lancet and Gula are used during Bariatric , gastric or weight loss surgery to cure from this disease.

Major App Features:-

★ HD and realistic fingerprint blood sugar checker prank which can measure mellitus , pre diabetes symptoms , blood sugar symptoms and many more.
★ Fasting Blood Sugar Levels to be reported in mmol and tips to help you and to keep your BS in control are shown using a chart.
★Share your report with your Colleagues and Relatives using Social Networks.
★Does not require Internet Connection and Completely free Android Apps.

How to Use: –

★ Launch the Application, Select your Gender and Enter your Name & Age.
★ Place and hold your right hand finger or thumb slightly on the scanning panel and start respiration.
★ Hold and Wait for few Moments until the finger scanning is finished using your finger print forearm.
★ As soon as the scanning completes your fake Blood sugar levels will be in front of your eyes.
★ Blood sugar Checker prank reports you in the form of a graph for later on analysis or ILO.

Mandatory Notes for Users :-

Blood Sugar Checker prank is a funny and fake application, it is developed to have fun with friends and it is not capable of measuring the real IBP , BPS , PCP Levels of a human body, all the readings that are used in this application are fake and are generated randomly.

This app is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Samsung & Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Detail information and download apk file:


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