Pêche et Lune – Forecast and Calendarfishing opportunities for

Pêche et Lune

Forecast and Calendarfishing opportunities for

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“Pêche And Lune” this, day after day, predictions of fishing opportunities in fresh water (streams, rivers, lakes and ponds).

These opportunities (very good, good, fairly good, fair or bad) with identification period on the day are related to the influences of the Moon.

The times shown (Sun and Moon) are derived from astronomical calculations published by Jean Meeus.

Looking for a fishing spot is on board, from the list, from Favorites … or more precisely, by geolocation.

“Pêche Lune” and provides access to information on a particular day or a full month.

The selection of chances per level over a period allows the recording of favorite days in the personal agenda.

Ability to edit pages or tables printer (wireless).

Check the menu (top right of the application) including “l’aide to utilisation” order to get the most benefit.

“Fisheries and Moon” can not use the internet after installation, it works completely independently

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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