Pregnancy Music – The best compilation of music for free pregnancy.

Pregnancy Music

The best compilation of music for free pregnancy.

Pregnancy Music screenshot 0Pregnancy Music screenshot 1Pregnancy Music screenshot 2Pregnancy Music screenshot 3

It was known that music is a universal language that crosses borders, but these borders were between the abdominal wall and a melodic sound that could penetrate the nearly soundproof womb to stimulate a fetus at four months of studies prove embarazo.Diversos that, after 16 weeks of gestation, the fetus can already hear and even respond to musical stimuli emitted from the mother’s vagina.
The following application presents essential to take that study into practice. We present the best music, according to various studies, for each of the weeks of gestation. This way, your baby can develop their senses before reaching the world, something very positive for the future intellectual development. And it is that the benefits of music are more than acquaintances.
Begins to share experiences with your baby through music before birth itself. Our music app pregnancy is essential for this. In addition, the musical will submit to constant updating, so that both you and your baby ye to date with the latest music news.

Download apk file:


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