Cmoar VR Cinema Demo – Sit comfortably and watch movies in the most modern VR Cinema in the world.

Cmoar VR Cinema Demo

Sit comfortably and watch movies in the most modern VR Cinema in the world.

Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 0Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 1Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 2Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 3Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 4Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 5Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 6Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 7Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 8Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 9Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 10Cmoar VR Cinema Demo screenshot 11

It’s been almost a year since the release of the first version of Cmoar VR Cinema.
Fully satisfied, we’d like to proudly put the newest update in your hands – an update that changes the application beyond recognition.

For drift correction please put your phone on flat surface for 10 seconds 🙂

Cmoar Cinema key features:
– Dynamic Lighting
– LAN connection
– All video formats support ( .mp4/.mkv/.avi/.mov/.ogg/ etc.)
– Watching Youtube videos (1080p 2D)
– Watching Youtube videos (1080p 3D)
– 3D interface
– Chromatic aberration correction
– Auditorium variations
– Automatic downloading of subtitles and posters
– Possibility to add every movie to Favorites
– Multitude of various settings (eg. FOV)
– New 3D camera
– Voice search
– „Last-viewed” option

– Seat selection
– Gamepad support

Cmoar VR Cinema gives you a whole range of possibilities. Apart from displaying the movies from your memory card, you can also display a video from your PC in any format you wish thanks to LAN connection.

That’s not the end of good news. To make things even more exciting, we’ve added an option of automatic subtitles and posters downloading. The most distinctive feature is, however, the possibility to watch 2D and 3D movies directly from YouTube.

We prepared for you youtube tutorials that should help you to resolve drift and LAN video streaming problems. We do hope you will find these videos helpful 🙂

Drift Correction Tutorial:

LAN video streaming Tutorial:

Thanks for your support. Enjoy the app! 🙂

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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