Drone Control Center *FREE – Become an ace pilot of your AR.Drone!

Drone Control Center *FREE

Become an ace pilot of your AR.Drone!

Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 0Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 1Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 2Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 3Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 4Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 5Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 6Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 7Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 8Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 9Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 10Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 11Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 12Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 13Drone Control Center *FREE screenshot 14

Intuitive flying of your Drone with a standard USB or Bluetooth controller like the Playstation, Xbox, or Mad Catz Controller. Handle your drone with analog sticks and precise movements.

Required hardware
• Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – running the latest firmware;
• Bluetooth or USB gamepad/controller – Xbox, Playstation, Mad Catz Controller, or any other Bluetooth or USB input device.
(If you use USB, you might also need a USB-OTG (On-The-Go) cable. You can buy those online (like at Amazon) for around $1.)

• Control drone with a Bluetooth or USB controller/gamepad;
• See drone status and configuration;
• Customizable Controller Profiles – Completely configure the controller/gamepad’s behavior;
• Customizable Fly Profiles – Change fly behavior speeds, max altitude, etc.

Features to come:
• USB Video recording;
• Detailed drone configuration settings;
• Fly Animations;
• Absolute movement;
• Easy cornering: automatic yaw/pitch.

Covering our behinds
Controlling a robot is potentially dangerous. Flying a drone is no different. Please fly responsibly! We put serious effort in making our app safe but many external events influence flight behavior so we cannot guarantee absolute control at all times. We recommend you fly your drone in a safe area, no matter which control device (be it an app or hardware controller) you use to control it.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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