GTSoundSim OBDII Sounds Free – Experience the thrill of a supercar sound, in any car, using an ELM OBDII device

GTSoundSim OBDII Sounds Free

Experience the thrill of a supercar sound, in any car, using an ELM OBDII device

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This is a free edition of GTSoundSim, only the Renault Megane 225 car is available and Turbo/Exhaust sounds are not available. For the full range of car sounds check out the full version of GTSoundSim.

With GTSoundSim you can now get the supercar sound experience in any car, synchronised with your engine while you drive, thanks to a ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II interface.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application requires an ELM327 compatible Bluetooth device to be connected to the cars OBD-II port in order to obtain real time engine data from your car. These devices are inexpensive and readily available.

For example;

The app should also not be used whilst driving, To comply with road laws and for your own safety always stop before operating this application.

The android phone can then be connected to the car stereo system through the auxiliary cable, for a truly immersive experience.

The sounds are real sounds recorded from a range of super cars and performance race cars. Sounds currently available within the FULL version of this application;
• Lamborghini Aventador
• Ferrari 458
• BMW M3 GT2
• Corvette ZR1
• Renault Megane 225

The free version is limited to the Renault Megane 225.

In Dashboard mode the sound generated by the app will closely match the engine speed in real time. There is also a manual test mode, to get a feel for the cars before setting off.

The sound generated is tailored to your car, you can select the RPM range of your engine and the app will automatically adjust the sound to provide the most realistic sound.

The performance of the app may be limited by the OBD-II interpreter speed or phone performance. Therefore the applications performance may vary between configurations.

Instructions for use:

Welcome Screen
This only shows the first time the app is run, this will guide you through the initial configuration of the application.

Dashboard Screen
It is from here that the application can use the Bluetooth OBD-II device and car AUX cable to produce the real time engine sounds.

Successful connection to the OBD-II interface will be indicated by a ‘Connection Established’ message on the dashboard.

Pressing the start button will begin the engine sound synthesis.

If a connection cannot be established, confirm the device is paired and the engine is switched on, else the app may not be compatible with your device or vehicle.

Test mode
By selecting test mode you can test the application using the sliders for engine speed and engine load.

Pressing the Start/Stop button when running will end the engine sound generation.

Car Select Screen
Tapping on the car image brings up the car selection screen, choose by swiping through the range available then clicking a particular car to load the sound.

Parameters for the engine sound, and also the Bluetooth device can be found in the settings menu.

See detail information and download apk file:


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