Kay10k KITT – Kay10k K.I.T.T pro

Kay10k KITT

Kay10k K.I.T.T pro

Kay10k KITT screenshot 0Kay10k KITT screenshot 1Kay10k KITT screenshot 2Kay10k KITT screenshot 3Kay10k KITT screenshot 4Kay10k KITT screenshot 5Kay10k KITT screenshot 6Kay10k KITT screenshot 7

See the description of version free for more details.

KITT (Kay Industry Ten Thousand) is inspired by the K2000 series KITT (Knight Rider).

The purpose of kay10kproject is to make a version of KITT, available for the greatest number of people and the advance over updates (new orders, contact management, remote control of a PC and from a PC , mood KITT, AutoRemote compatibility autovoice …).

KITT is directly functional and has its own controls (take a picture, activate the wifi, …) but need to be filled (RSS, …)

You can refine the KITT voice recognition depending on how you speak and your habits by creating your personal commands through the Command Editor

///// In addition in this version /////

– Editor commands (no limit on the number)

– Orders combined
Combine orders by the separants “and then” into a multiple order (for example: take a picture and then shows).

– Automation suplémentaires
Earphones plugged / unplugged
Wifi house connected / disconnected
House home / outdoors

– Import / Export
Export KITT memory full or in part in an xml file.

– Remote control
Spend any order by SMS to KITT.

– Communications
Respond quickly to the last received SMS.
Remember quickly last missed call.

Quick Buttons: car, home and fast position


O Description of authorizations

“Call Direct” call functions.
“Send SMS” answers by SMS and remote control.
“Position”: route calculation, recording positions and home profile.
“Diary of calls / contacts” detection of missed calls.
“Changing the USB storage contents”: export memory.
“Full Internet access” checks RSS, site opening and speech recognition.
“Creating Bluetooth connections” Device connection detection.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, suggestions or wishes 🙂

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/entertainment


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