Music Equalizer Free – Improve your phone or tablet sound quality with the best equalizer app.

Music Equalizer Free

Improve your phone or tablet sound quality with the best equalizer app.

Music Equalizer Free screenshot 0Music Equalizer Free screenshot 1Music Equalizer Free screenshot 2Music Equalizer Free screenshot 3Music Equalizer Free screenshot 4

You always wanted to make your volume phone louder?
Music Equalizer & Volume Booster is here for you. With both visualizer and equalizer that let you adjust sound effect levels and boost your volume to get the best our of your music, you will be amazed how you can have full control over your songs.

Please note to keep the music equalizer effect you need to hit the home button from your device or simply hit the close red button if you wanna quit the app and deactivate the equalizer sound effects.

Either you are looking for a volume booster or a bass booster.
You came to the right place.
Download and install the best music equalizer system for android now.
Hurry up while it is still for free.

Features :
– Boost and control your media volume with one knob
– Volume booster and bass booster in one app.
– Easy and free to use.
– Simple and stylish user interface.

Increase the bass and volume of your device now.
Music equalizer Bass offers amazing features and of course 5 band EQ along with all the goodies such as presets, bass boosting and visualization control.
and here are some of the presets that music equalizer comes with.

To benefit from Music Equalizer you need to open your music player and start playing your favorite songs than go ahead and open the music equalizer app and adjust sound level and frequency.
This is all you need if you love music like we do.

– Normal
– Flat
– Dance
– Classical
– Hip Hop
– Folk
– Heavy Metal
– Jazz
– Rock
– Pop

Music equalizer for android works better with headphone of external speakers connected.
But please pay attention while using so you won’t be damaging your ears.

Adjust your sound effect levels and boost your volume like never before.
It is finaly time to get the best out of your Music or Audio player.
Download it NOW.

See more information:


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