Character Core Generator 2.0 – Annihilate Artist's Block!

Character Core Generator 2.0

Annihilate Artist’s Block!

Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 0Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 1Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 2Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 3Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 4Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 5Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 6Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 7Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 8Character Core Generator 2.0 screenshot 9

Have you ever wanted to draw, but always ended up drawing the same thing? You know you are creative, yet you’re stuck in repetition. How about you draw what you’re told? Not only that, but allow your creative mind to do the work for you, just using a tiny push.

The CCG 2.0 generates a random set of descriptions, ranging from persona, emotions, strengths, professions. Everything you would need to imagine a unique character. There is also an RPG style meter, showing things like STR, SPD, INT, and things like that which are bound to help you understand your random character more.

I also have an experimental Scenery Generator, which you guessed it, generates a local with many variables. Those of you who just draw people and need some background/scenery help, it would be perfect for you!

This app does NOT “create” the character for you. This is strictly an artist aid, and will only give you a random set of variables, as shown in the screen shots.

Please visit and send a message from there, or email me at if you have any questions or requests.

See detail information:


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