Mochineko –  



Mochineko screenshot 0Mochineko screenshot 1Mochineko screenshot 2Mochineko screenshot 3

*LINE Mochineko stamp
*Mochineko de stamp(for chat app)
*Mochineko Live Wallpaper :
*Facebook page

[Tips for this App]
1: Poke the Mochi-neko and he will give you various reactions.

2: Lifting him up or dragging Mochi-neko, he will not resist it and will mew.

3: If he goes to sleep or indulges his thinking, you can leave
it alone or can disturb it…

4: He will sometimes be absence… but you can call home him.

5: When some items will turn up, please give it to him.

6: You can select background color and pattern type by the setting page.

From now on, Mochi-neko will continue to learn a lot of things.
Please do not forget to check the App’s version up.

See detail information:


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