Captormania – The Captormania- AppMore information at


The Captormania- AppMore information at captormania_ch

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Become a fan now of Migros Mania are and never miss information around the big play and collecting fun:
With CAPTORMANIA Migros dive into the underwater world Aquantis and brings 55 lively underwater inhabitants, the captors, to the surface. With the app, the members of the five clans Wibbis, Mivas, Tarks, Snips and Aimos can bring to life. Thanks to the new technology “Augmented Reality” this creates an amazing 3D experience. With the built-in camera app, the exciting moments of the captors can be held both photos as well as videos.
And thanks to the rotatable camera, the app is also suitable for spassige Selfies!
Since the five Captor clans compete once a year in a big race against each other, the Race-Fun may in our app to be forgotten: Grab a U-boat and start your racing career!

All this and much more can be discovered under

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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