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Classic Horror

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Are you a fan of classic horror movies? This app features classic Horror Movies that can be played on your Android device.

These horror movies deal with your nightmares, hidden fears, revulsion and terror of the unknown.

Plots within this genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage, commonly of supernatural origin, into the everyday world.

Do you dare to watch?
If so, get this app that includes collection of +90 horror movies.

Below is a short list of SOME of the movies in this app:
o Tales from the Crypt
o Brain That Wouldn’t Die
o The She Beast
o Atom Age Vampire
o Attack Of The Giant Leeches
o Black Dragons
o Carnival of Souls
o Creature From The Haunted Sea
o Dementia 13
o Daughter of Horror
o Dr Jekylland Mr Hyde
o Driller Killer
o Horror Hotel
o Horrors of Spider Island
o House on Haunted Hill
o I Bury The Living
o Invisible Ghost
o Night of the Living Dead
o Nightmare Castle
o Plan 9 From Outer Space
o Revolt of the Zombies
o Scared to Death
o Shock
o The Amazing Mr. X
o Amazing Transparent Man
o The Ape
o The Bat
o The Beast of Yucca Flats
o The Corpse Vanishes
o The Killer Shrews
o The Last Man On Earth
o Last Woman on Earth
o The Little Shop of Horrors
o The Terror
o Wasp Woman
o Grave of the Vampire
o Giant Gila Monster
o Frankenstein’s Daughter
o Hunchback of Notre Dame
o Snake People
o Vengeance of zombies
o Horror Express
o The House on Haunted Hill
o Lady Frankenstein
o A Bucket to Blood
o I Eat Your Skin
o The Manster
o Horrors Of Spider Island
o Vanishing Point
o The Return Of Mitchell Compion
o Where Are They
o Night of Decision
o The Last Round
o To Know the End
o Tidal Wave
o Make Me Not A Witch
o The Visitor
o The Clown
o Ahead Of His Time
o The Miraculous Serum
o The Little Black Bag

*** DISCLAIMER: Please note that all shows are hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We do not host / upload any of the shows.

PLEASE, before leaving any negative comments, give us a chance to address your concern. Contact us at OR use app FEEDBACK feature to leave private comment.

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